Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Avoiding Work

Well, here I am avoiding work, not writing, but the work around writing. Contracts that must go out today, emails that must be answered. I have always had trouble with the business of writing. I could have solved the problem by putting everything in a chest, like Emily Dickinson. But I like the end result of publishing, though the process makes me nervous. Part of what drives writing is the need for self-expression -- "expression is the need of my soul," as archy the cockroach wrote. Also a love for fiction and poetry and a fascination with the skills involved. Beyond that is a need for recognition and a need to share. "This is me. This is what I see and feel. This -- on paper and in electrons -- can reach people I don't even know and maybe outlast me."

And the pterosaur in my current story is so cool! And the bugs are so horrible! (Imagine poisonous, land dwelling eurypterids.) And the fight scene is so ridiculous! Of course I need to share.


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