Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Dream

I was in a less than good mood yesterday, went to bed early and dreamt. Patrick and I had moved to south central Minneapolis. It was a neighborhood full of bungalows with a huge park. Neither the neighborhood nor the park exist in reality. We were walking in the park, which was flat and full of ponds and lakes. The water was covered with duckweed and water lilies, so I couldn't tell where the land ended and the water began. The day was sunny and lots of kids were fishing. We saw a couple of guys -- adult men -- with strings of good sized fish. One guy had northern pike. The other guy had fish I didn't recognize. This is interesting, because I know the local game fish and pan fish.

Then we saw a guy walking a miniature bison, which came up to his waist. I asked if the bison was going to grow more. The guy said, yes. It would grow to full size. But he wasn't worried. The bison was friendly and well behaved.

That was the dream. It was oddly reassuring. Maybe I will be in a good mood today.

I did finish proofing a 16,000 word story yesterday and am working on a new story about valet parking in space. It's my attempt to write something short and funny and working class. There's a dream in it, and I think I know how to write the dream now.


Blogger Leslie Bates said...

I had a really long dream where I appeared to have been stuck in an alternate version of Northeast Minneapolis and constantly looking for a comic book shop. I then woke up in a hospital in the real world.

1:39 PM  

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