Sunday, April 28, 2013

Facebook and Computer Solitaire

This is from facebook, responding to a friend who has decided he's spending too much time on facebook and with computer games.

I focused on facebook to break the habit of checking political and economic blogs every morning. The news was mostly depressing and angering. Since a lot of my facebook colleagues are interested in politics, I still get some news, but intermixed with cat pictures and xycd. (I don't have to worry about political disagreements, because I block people whose opinions bother me. For example, everyone who decided that Newtown was a good time to argue in favor of guns got blocked at once. Anyone who doesn't understand good manners in a time of grief and horror is too weird for me.) I do think I spend too much on fb. I'm thinking about ways to move away from it.

I also play a lot of computer solitaire. Sometimes this is useful. I can think while playing, since I am not paying much attention to the game. It's a way of fidgeting while I think. But reading or writing or cleaning house or taking a walk all sound more useful and fun. Life is short, and I am wasting too much of it.

It occurs to me that the other thing I do while playing computer solitaire is listen to classical music. That probably has some value. I still need to spend more time doing other things.


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