Thursday, April 04, 2013


From a facebook discussion of flying:
I still fly maybe once a year. I hate it. For me all the problems come before I get on the plane. I hate undressing in public. I hate the porno scans. I have not had a really bad experience with TSA yet, but friends have, and I live in fear. I almost lost jewelry in the last rush to undress and dress at security. Once I am on the plane, I relax, though I usually fly into Hartford, which means an Embraer or Bombardier mini-plane.

I can remember flying Northwest Orient between Tokyo and Seoul when I was a kid. The pilot came out and chatted with us. Like us, he was from Minneapolis. The planes were big. They served meals. Flying was exciting and futuristic, rather than a depressing visit to a police state dystopia. It was never as nice as the Twentieth Century LImited between Chicago and New York, but you can't take a train from Japan to Korea.


Blogger Foxessa said...

A friend reports that recently when flying back east from Seattle the airline informed he was too overweight and should purchase another seat. They let him through this time but he now fears his flying days are finished.

Someone else responded that the airlines are planning to charge people by weight, beyond their ticket price.

How this will work out with, say, a parent with baby in arms, or a very tall, heavy person who is a foot ball player, who knows.

It is ugly as hell.

Love, C.

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