Friday, April 12, 2013


I am doing something that I think is sane. I have been in the habit of beginning the day by reading political and economic blogs. The news on them is usually depressing and angering. Now I am trying to start the day by checking facebook, my various email accounts and my blog. My facebook colleagues tend to be political and progressive, so I get a lot of news there, but it is intermixed with cat photos and links to xycd. I have liked Curiosity's facebook page, also the facebook page of Idle No More, the First Nation movement in Canada. So I get inspirational photos of Mars and native people marching. Much more cheering than the usual news.


Blogger Laura Morrigan said...

Yes, news that makes you angry isn't the best way to start a productive day, is it? I like to look at positive happy things to start the day, puts me in a better mood to get things done!

6:43 PM  

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