Monday, June 03, 2013

Happy As A Clam

I spent Memorial Day weekend at the Wisconsin Science Fiction Convention (Wiscon) in Madison. As always, it was wonderful. I then spent another four days on a writing retreat in a B&B in Madison with four other people from Wiscon. Also wonderful. But I was glad to get home this past Friday. Sunday morning I woke (in my own bed!) with a poem forming in my mind.
I'm the happiest clam in the ocean.
I'm the happiest clam in the sea.
All of the oysters in all of the bays
Cannot compare to me.

I don't have a pearl to offer.
I don't have a pearl to share.
But here is song to help you along
As you travel from Here to There.


Blogger shortpaw said...

Aaaand.....I LOVE this little song!!!

7:50 AM  

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