Friday, August 02, 2013

Day Dreams

I'm day dreaming this morning about what I would do if I had more money. I have more dental work coming up, due to aging fillings and crowns. My glasses are expensive, in part because I have a complicated prescription and in part because I like nice frames.

I'd like to be able to hire a maid service to come in once or twice a month to give the home -- especially the bathrooms and kitchen -- a really good cleaning.

I would like a built-in floor to ceiling bookcase, because we have run out of space for books and objets. I know exactly where I would put the bookcase.

I would like money to go to Iceland, because I want to write more stories about Iceland. I would also like to go to Scotland -- Glasgow, to see the architecture of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and Edinburgh, because it's supposed to be lovely. I'm also interested in Bolivia and Ecuador.

So... Teeth, glasses, a bookcase, a maid service and a few trips, not long ones.

I will get the dental work, because I have to. I won't need new lenses for at least a year, and new frames for two years. I think I can afford the maid service.

As for travel -- the truth is, I am kind of a stick in the mud. Travel is a mixed good to me. I love the new sights and the memories. I don't like the disruption, and I don't like planes, though I make an exception for Icelandair. So I will probably go to Iceland, but I'm not sure about the other places.

As far as the bookcases go, maybe I will settle for buying one that isn't built in. I have been thinking of one of these.
They are available from Design Within Reach and I think they look interesting.