Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bad Dream

Yesterday must have been a day for bad dreams. Several people described them on facebook. Mine came during an afternoon nap. I was with my brother. We were both younger than we are now, and we had two cats, the ones our family had when I went away to college. (Though we were not that young.) We were on some kind of trip. Instead of having cat carriers, like sane people, we had the cats on leashes and -- most of the time -- were holding the animals. They did what cats do in this situation, struggled like crazy to get free and run away. It was raining heavily. The streets were full of water and water covered lawns. We were trying to get to our car and get back on the freeway and keep hold of the cats. But we were not entirely sure where the car was...

I blame the dream on a combination of the hamburger I had at lunch and all the cute cat photos on the Internet...

I plan to give up hamburgers, but not cute photos of cats.


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