Saturday, May 10, 2014


Patrick and I saw Frozen for the first time a few days ago and didn't like it. I couldn't figure out the plot. What was it about? Corny family stuff?

Well, sort of.

From facebook:

We saw Frozen again and liked it much better. Patrick's final comment was, "It's a hell of a way to come out of the closet, Elsa."

I completely missed that the first time around, which is why the movie did not make sense. There are times when I need diagrams and pointing arrows.

Having realized that Frozen is about being in and coming out of the closet, I thought about the other characters. At the end of the movie, the huge snow monster finds Elsa's crown and puts it on. All his sharp edges and spines disappear, and he looks happy. Patrick said, "He's gay, too." I'm not sure about gay. But the monster is happier with a woman's tiara, which suggests he is not gender-typical. (Of course, these days gender-typical is going down the drain. Does it still exist, except among Southern fundamentalists?)

Then there is Oaken, the proprietor of Oaken's Trading Post. People have commented that he sounds gay. To me he sounds Norwegian. However, he says his family is in the sauna. We get a brief look through the sauna's glass door. The family inside consists of an adult male and a bunch of kids. There is no one who looks clearly like an adult female. (Though I will have to see the movie again.) It's important that Oaken have a partner and a family, because Elsa doesn't have a partner. Nor does the monster.

Finally, there is Olaf the snowman. Olaf is funny, charming, brave and kind, but is he straight? What kind of question is this, anyway? Why am I talking about the sexual orientation of a snowman
Anyway, an interesting movie -- but only if it's a movie about coming out. Without that theme, it collapses into cute trolls, a cute reindeer, a cute snowman, and Anna, who is looking for her prince -- and finds one, only he's a cad. I wonder what conservative Americans make of the movie.


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