Sunday, November 30, 2014

Moving On

I don't usually remember dreams. When I do remember one, I try to analyze it. Last night I dreamed that we moved into a new apartment. I think it was in a suburban complex, a place I would never move to. But it was a nice apartment with a patio and a balcony, only one bathroom, but two bedrooms. Soon after moving in, I came home and found a young man in the living room, on the phone. I asked him what he was doing here. He said he had broken in to use the phone. He then showed me how to get through my locked door. It was the old credit card trick, which does not work with a deadbolt, which I had.

He explained that he had been in the Twin Cities for a con and was having some problem getting home, so he'd needed a phone. I asked him if he had money to get home. He said yes, and I escorted him out.

I then tried to use my phone, but it gave problems.

I went down to the complex desk and said I needed a new lock and my phone wasn't working. The guy at the desk promised to do something about the lock and said my problem with a phone was due to a new program, which noticed when the person phoning used inappropriate language and then shut down. I said, "Oh, that was the guy who broke in to use my phone."

While talking to the front desk guy, I realized that (1) I hadn't checked to see if anything was missing in the new apartment and (2) we hadn't cleaned the old apartment before leaving, and I still had the keys, which we were supposed to turn in.

So what is this about? Moving on and the difficulty of moving on. Vulnerability. Communication problems. I think it's a dream about dealing with the current group of social justice activists. Someone has broken into my home and screwed up my ability to communicate.

In any case, I think it's time for me to move on -- not to an apartment complex in the suburbs, but to other topics. I am pretty sure that I can't talk to the social justice people or work with them or fight them. Best to leave them alone. And I need to return the keys to the past.


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