Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Post

I am falling behind. No posts for a week. What can I say? Our hoya is now blooming -- clusters of pale pink flowers. The weather is gray, dreary and rainy. I've been wrapping presents and watching Ghost in the Shell, an amazing Japanese anime TV series.

I finished a final read through of The Sword Smith, and it should come out in e-book version before year end. It's my first novel, out of print for years. Going back over it, I was pleasantly surprised. It's pretty good. Not so bad, as we say in Minnesota. It could be worse. Next I move on to two more out-of-print novels, due out (also in e-versions) early next year. After that, I return to the long, long delayed sequel to Ring of Swords. My goal is to have it finished in 2015. Aqueduct Press is buying a collection of stories about the hwarhath, the aliens in Ring of Swords. Sometime next year, I will get editorial comments on that and need to make changes and proof.

So, a busy next year. Which is not so bad.


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