Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sticking with Your Raising

A facebook friend suggested that he is intellectually radical, while having a conservative temperament, and he thought I might be the same. (His actual statement was more complex, but this will serve.) I wrote this in response about myself:
This is a complicated topic. I believe this society is badly effed up and needs a radical change, as in it needs to be torn out by the roots and remade. As the old union song says, "We can bring to birth a new world from the the ashes of the old." This is not a belief that I came to through reason. This is the way I was raised. I was also raised to challenge ideas about art, since my father hung out with avant garde artists, who were very interesting people. I grew up in a house of the future, and this is not a metaphor. So what does this make me? Radical or conservative? As far as temperment goes, I'd say I am timid, which is not the same as conservative. (Remember that I grew up in the Midwest in the McCarthy era, which was also the height of the Cold War. That does not lead to a lot of confidence, though it does lead to believing ordinary middle class American life is poised above an abyss, and you cannot trust the neighbors. No wonder I loved SF.)
If you are true to your raising, are you conservative, even if your rising is in many ways radical?


Blogger pat said...

I don't think so. Most conservatives I follow are more concerned with loyalty to supra-familial and even supra-governmental things like god and country; even though they vigorously defend the rights of the family, it is usually in a context of the family's right to raise its children to adhere to these larger value systems. We see this when the idea of alternative family structures comes up.

Being loyal to one's upbringing in a gay family, or a multiple-partner family, would not be accepted as being conservative - so I doubt that being raised in a radical or communist family would either.

However some people do talk about conservatism as a temperament. They define it, however, as a temperament which is suspicious of radical change - so once again, I doubt that you would meet their criteria.

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