Monday, June 06, 2016


Patrick and I went to Wiscon over Memorial Day weekend. Traditionally, it has been a feminist con -- the only feminist con I know. However, there was a change of administration last year, and now it is an all-purpose identity politics con.

I am not entirely comfortable with the changes or the new, brash, young con members with their new issues and their new ways of dealing with issues. However, I figure this is my problem. Change happens. I can still go to the con and see friends and do a little non-political programming. The drive down is pleasant. We take Highway 12, a two-line which parallels the Interstate, going through small towns, farm land and some forest. Patrick and I both like Madison.

I figure I need to detach myself emotionally from the con and appreciate things like the drive down and the city of Madison -- and the friends I meet at the con.


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