Saturday, September 05, 2009


It's been a lovely summer -- on the cool side with many bright, clear days. Too little rain, though some fine thunder storms. I have mostly wasted it by obsessing about the health care bill going through Congress.

Patrick's had sciatica all summer, which has made him miserable. As a result, we haven't gotten out of town much. One of the ways I keep sane is to go on rides in the country -- up to Duluth to look at Lake Superior or south along the Mississippi to look for eagles.

So, a beautiful summer, but I could have spent it better.

Patrick has a three month job with the Wilder Foundation, working on their triennial count of people living outside in the state of Minnesota. I am still out of work and really would like to get a job. Unemployment is not enough money to live on. I have to go into my savings.

I was finding a number of interesting jobs for which I was qualified in the early part of the summer, then nothing in August. I am hoping this is because August is usually a slow time for nonprofits.

On the plus side, I am continuing to write, though not as quickly as I would like.


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