Sunday, August 20, 2006

Eleanor Arnason explains why Eleanor Arnason appears in so many of her headers

I am trying to figure out how to get this blog high up on the list that appears when someone Googles Eleanor Arnason. On the plus side, I have an uncommon name. (How many Icelandic Americans do you know? And how many women named Eleanor?) On the minus side, the Internet is full of people interested in science fiction. This means Google comes up with 81,000 results for my name. This sounds impressive, till you Google Michael Swanwick or Ursula K. LeGuin...

How do I get this blog into the first ten or twenty results?

I could change the name to something rare. The blog would be certain to come up, if anyone knew to Google it. But I am trying to reach everyone and anyone who has even a mild interest in my writing, providing they are upright and sincere people, and not trolls.

Maybe I could talk about my fiction and put the names of stories and characters in the header for posts.

In the mean time, I keep repeating Eleanor Arnason...


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