Sunday, August 20, 2006

Eleanor Arnason takes on 21st century technology

In spite of being a science fiction writer, I am not much of a techie. I have two adorable Macs, but use them as word processors and communication devices, paying little attention to software and hardware. I carry a cell phone when I remember to, but only one person has the number. This does not mean I am indifferent to the modern world. However, my interest is mostly intellectual. I subscribe to Science News and read each issue as soon as it arrives. I just sent in money for a subscription to New Scientist. I get Bruce Sterling's wonderful Viridian Newsletter; and I read a number of science blogs daily. This is all great stuff; but it's too hard and expensive to keep up with the actual technology in my real, day to day life.

This needs to change. I am, after all, a science fiction writer. I recently bought a robot vacuum cleaner and have spent several happy hours watching it bump and trundle around the apartment. How could I resist something made by a company neamed iRobot? A new printer-scanner-copier sits on my desk next to my laptop. It is three times as big as the laptop and not handsome. No one ever said the future had to be pretty... A Laotian silk scarf over the top helps...

My desktop has gone into the living room and become a DVD player, which enables me to see the movies my friends have been talking about for years. Miyazaki is awesome. I have already written about Lord of the Rings.

And I have started this blog, which means I am learning to navigate through a new kind of program. Since I am not a techie, this is going to be a slow process of trial and error.

It's a weird experience writing to no one in particular, but I'm learning something new. Learning is mostly good.


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