Thursday, July 03, 2008

July 3

It's full summer now, though still pretty cool. The temp was in the mid 70s as I passed Minnesota Public radio.

Lots of flowers are blooming along the freeway, the same colors as before -- yellow, white and pink. The kinds of flowers are changing. I can tell that by the shape, though the flowers zip by so quickly I can't identify most. The grasses are producing their seeds, and that's giving a brown tinge to the freeway slopes.

Everything looks lush.

I copied a story for my prose workshop today. It's the one set in Iceland, about trolls and the big hydroelectric project in the East Fjords. Done except for revisions.

The Brer Rabbit story is 20 pages long. I've gotten him to Detroit circa 1920. Now I have to read Indignant Heart , before I continue. Fortunately, it just came in the mail. I can take it with me on our trip to Sioux Falls.

Patrick wants to go there to buy pipe tobacco without the Minnesota tobacco tax. There are a couple of stores in downtown Sioux Falls I like, and the falls are pretty: water rushing over and around big pink chunks of Sioux quartzite.

Maybe we can stop in the Blue Mounds State Park on the way or way back or swing a little north and go to Pipestone National Monument. Blue Mounds has bison in a small restored prairie. I'm always happy to see bison, and Pipestone is a sacred place to Native Peoples.


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