Sunday, April 04, 2010


I went to Minicon Saturday and Sunday.

The con felt pleasanter and more interesting than in prior years. I liked the programming and the dealers' room, especially Dreamhaven's books and Elise Matthesen's jewelry.

I told Greg Ketter of Dreamhaven I had a couple of small press books coming out and tried to set up a meeting with Moshe Feder, who edits for Tor on a contract basis. I wanted to hear what's going on in the New York publishing scene, since I am way out of touch. However, he was tied up for lunch, and I had to get home in the afternoon to finish making corrections on the chapbook manuscript, due at the publisher's today.

The con remains fairly small, around 400 members, which makes it larger than Diversacon, smaller than Marscon and Wiscon, and much smaller than Convergence.

My sense is, the long transition from a large regional con to a small local con has been mostly -- maybe entirely -- completed.


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