Sunday, December 08, 2013

Weather Report

From facebook:
A sultry 7 F above at the moment. It has snowed again and is still snowing. I got nothing useful done yesterday, except exercise and a load of wash. We watched the PBS Mansfield Park aka Jogging Fanny (thank you for that name, Catherine Lundoff). We liked it better this time and had a nice discussion after on the book. In some ways, it's a hard book to like. Patrick likes the Crawfords much better than Fanny and Edmund and thinks the book ends in exhaustion: the marriage of Fanny and Edmund is a down note. I suspect that the book's title tells us this is an ensemble piece. It is about the entire MP household.

We will probably go to a mall today, since I have some Barnes and Noble coupons, if they haven't run out. Why not Uncle Hugo's you ask? It's farther away, and the route is likely to be more icy. Then a stop in a shoestore to look at Smartwool socks. Do I need more socks? No. This cold snap could end, and I'd be stuck with too many pairs of wool socks. But looking is fine.


Blogger Foxessa said...

The more time goes on the more I admire Mansfield Park. Its brilliance and charms are/were too subtle and sophisticated for me for too many years. Among other things I needed to acquire and truly inhabit a lot more history of the era first.

Love, C.

9:04 AM  

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