Thursday, July 31, 2014


In an effort to be more cheerful, in spite of the news, I am planning things to do. I want to see the dinosaur show at the Science Museum, because -- dinosaurs! And there is a ceramics show at the Weisman Museum which is co-curated by the amazing potter Warren McKenzie. That sounds good.

The Walker and the MIA seem to be on summer vacation. No big exhibits. But the new African gallery at the MIA is nifty, and the East Asian collection is wonderful. Chinese and Japanese pots! Among other things. There's a sculpture show at the American Swedish Institute that sounds interesting, also an exhibit of contemporary Finnish rug makers.

And I am thinking of day trips outside the Cities. Maybe down the river to Pepin, WI, to my favorite little gallery or up to Duluth to watch -- if we are lucky -- a thousand foot lake boat come through the shipping canal. As the boats arrive, they sound their horns in greeting, and the guy operating the Aerial Bridge replies. In case you are wondering, a thousand foot long boat is big. They move surprisingly quickly. You don't get a lot of photos before they are through the canal and -- if they are coming in -- turning to follow the channel.


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