Monday, August 04, 2014

Art Museum

We ran up to Target Roseville yesterday, then stopped at the Barnes and Noble in HarMar for coffee and pastries and a look at books. I bought two pairs of socks at Schuler's, also in HarMar. One pair is SmartWool, the other is another company obviously aiming for the same market. Upscale, arty wool socks.

Then we drove to the Weisman Museum at the U. It's a small museum in a Frank Geary building. There were four or five small exhibits inside: a ceramics show; a show of photographs taken in the 1950s (I think) of the last steam engines running in the US -- beautiful, intelligent, black and white photos; a show of antique Korean furniture; a show of work by photography students in Beijing and at the University of Minnesota; and works from the permanent collection. Very nice. Patrick and I went through everything slowly, reading all the labels.

We drove back home along the River Road and Summit Avenue. Then I made a salad for dinner. It's too hot for heavy meals. Patrick installed Linex Mint on my little Acer netbook. We watched a movie on DVD, and I went to bed, while Patrick did more work on my Acer.

Today is exercise and work on the hwarhath collection. The air quality is awful right now: fine particulate matter from the fires in the west. But it's supposed to improve.