Wednesday, November 04, 2015


I had a dream about packing. I was traveling with several people in several cars and it was time to go. We had an amazing amount of baggage. I had maybe ten bags and was trying to get everything into them. When I was almost done, and part of my baggage was already stuffed into a car, I realized some of my bags were mostly empty. I was going to have to repack. And I realized that some of the things I was going to need -- I think for a one night stay somewhere on the road --were in the bags already in the car and unreachable.

I think I was permanently scarred by traveling across Asia when I was 16. Eight countries in three months. I was always packing and unpacking and hauling baggage. It was worth it, but I don't like baggage or flying.

A Freudian would focus on the word 'baggage.' Do I feel I have too much emotional baggage? Yes. I have a lifetime's worth of memories, feelings and thoughts. That's a lot to haul around. Good material for writing, though.


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