Monday, June 01, 2009


The week in May when everything blooms is over, though the weather remains bright and clear. The Korean lilacs are flowering now. They follow the French lilacs by a week or two.

I spent last week recovering from Wiscon, sleeping more than usual and reading a lot.

I also did one job interview and sent out a couple of resumes. I'm finding one or two jobs a week that look interesting and seem to be a pretty good fit. This is encouraging.

Yesterday I went down to a local coffee shop and worked for an hour inputting changes to a story.

I sent two stories out before Wiscon, one to an editor, another to another writer to vet. In both cases, I am waiting anxiously and nervously for a response. I respect the two people involved and care about their opinions; and stories are problematic. One is so long that it will be impossible to sell in ordinary markets. The other is my Brer Rabbit story, and I am writing about a topic -- African American culture in the 20th century -- which is not my area of expertise.

If the editor doesn't like the story, I don't know where else to send it. If the writer tells me I am way off in my treatment of 20th century African American culture -- well, I hope the story is fixable.

Sending stories out is like sending resumes out, or waiting the result of a job interview.


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