Saturday, September 05, 2009

New Pen and Pencil

The carpets in our apartment were cleaned on Thursday, so Patrick and I had to spend the day away from home. We went to the Mall of America, because it's cool inside and there's lot of space for walking.

As always, we stopped at the Apple store and imagined buying new computers. Then we went on to the fancy pen store.

I bought a Faber Castell roller ball pen and a mechanical pencil. They are for children -- "zum Schreibenlernen" -- for learning to write, both made of brightly colored plastic, easy to hold and very durable looking. The pencil takes 1.4 mm leads, which are pretty thick. The pen takes ink cartridges. I have some green ink cartridges, so put one in. I now have a bright blue and red pen that writes in green ink.

I am more likely to use the pencil for editing. But I think both will encourage me to write.


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