Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Health Insurance

I heard back about the job interview. I did not get the job.

That was one bit of bad news. In addition, I heard from my HMO. I am on COBRA now, but still carried on my old employer's plan, which renewed in June.

A year ago, my old job switched from an excellent plan to one that was cheaper and included very few hospitals, clinics and doctors. However, it was possible for individuals to buy up to the old plan, which I did. Now, I discover I am no longer on my old plan, but on the new cheap plan, which does not include the doctors and clinics I use.

I have no idea if this can be straightened out. I have already talked to the HMO. The person there said she could not help me. I then talked to the insurance agency that handles my COBRA. They said they will see what they can do. After that, I guess I talk to the insurance agency that handles the health insurance plan for my old job, and talk to my old job.

But right now, I have health insurance which costs $450 a month and is not much use to me. If I get hit by a truck and am delivered to the right hospital, the plan will prove useful. Otherwise, not.

I have an appointment next week which will not be covered. I will have to pay for the appointment myself.

This is yet another example of why insurance should not be tied to employment.

If necessary, I will switch to a new doctor and clinic.

But I am not in the mood for this hassle right now.


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