Monday, September 07, 2009


Patrick and I drove to Duluth yesterday. The day was sunny and warm, with a lot of haze in the air. Pat thought the haze might come from fires out west.

The trees have begun to turn colors, also the sumac, so there were flashes of red and yellow in the woods as we drove north; and goldenrod was blooming along the highway margins.

We saw two adult bald eagles soaring over Interstate 35 -- not together, but separately.

Coming into Duluth, the haze was so thick that it was difficult to see the lake as we topped the hills above the harbor. Once we were down to Canal Park, we could see the two ships at anchor outside the harbor, a laker and a salty. Patrick was able to take photos of both and of the cormorant that settled on a lamp post along the eastern side of the shipping canal.

I had noticed the cormorant shortly before -- a large, dark bird flapping like crazy as it flew over the canal. It landed and stayed long enough for a photo, before taking off again and going to float in the lake. It's been awhile since I've seen a cormorant.

Then I went to my favorite art gallery in Canal Park and did not buy anything except some Harney & Sons tea. After that, we headed back to St. Paul. Once we were home, I did a final revision of an essay. Then we had dinner and watched a movie.


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