Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The weather is still summery, too warm as far as I'm concerned. But the trees are starting to turn color; and the late summer/early autumn flowers -- goldenrod and sunflowers -- are blooming along the highways.

I think sunflowers are my favorite flower, but I also like goldenrod.

Like the unemployed people described in the previous post, I have been feeling depressed. Late July and August sort of vanished. I have no idea what I did: looked for jobs that didn't seem to exist, got a little writing done.

August is a dead time for most nonprofits, maybe because it isn't a big revenue month for most: foundation grants aren't coming in, and other sources of revenue -- fund raising events and appeal drives -- don't happen when many people with money are out of town. I'm hoping more jobs will appear in the autumn.

I've been unemployed for four and half months now, and collecting unemployment for three and a half months. The usual period for benefits is 26 weeks, but there is an extension of 33 weeks right now, since unemployment is so high. If I get that I will be okay through spring of next year.

I'd rather have a job before then.


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